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Luxe Taj Krishna Hotel te Hyderabad, India, wacht al half jaar op betaling rekening door Surinaamse ambassadrice Kanhai

Indiaas hotel heeft zich deze maand tot ministerie van BuZa gewend

Kanhai ook voor rechter gedaagd door haar ontslagen oud-chauffeur op ambassade

Het Taj Krishna Hotel in Hyderabad, India, is moe van het feit dat ambassadrice Aashna Kanhai sinds juni 2016 nagelaten heeft een openstaande rekening bij het hotel te betalen. Het hotel heeft op 3 februari 2017 een brief naar het Surinaams ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken, BuZa, gestuurd (zie foto - Bron: Dagblad Suriname). De eis is dat gelijk wordt voldaan aan de betaling van Roepies (Rs) 56.060 omgerekend 850 dollar Amerikaanse dollar. 

Kanhai heeft volgens het schrijven van M. Sreepal Reddy, credit manager bij Taj Krishna, in juni 2016 samen met een familielid in het hotel gelogeerd. Als reden voor het niet betalen van de rekening werd volgens haar toen aangehaald, dat zij het geld van BuZa uit Suriname moest ontvangen.

'Nu de betaling na zes maanden nog steeds niet is gedaan, heeft het hotel twijfels over het verhaal van de diplomaat', stelt de vertegenwoordiger van Taj. Momenteel worden juridische stappen tegen de diplomaat ook niet uitgesloten.

Het is niet de eerste keer dat Kanhai in opspraak is geraakt in het Aziatisch land. In 2016 werd zij door voormalig honorair consul Asif Iqbal beschuldigd van corruptie en misbruik van bevoegdheden.

Momenteel is er ook een rechtszaak lopende tegen Kanhai die enkele jaren geleden al werd aangespannen door haar ex-chauffeur Sarwan Kumar (zie zijn ingezonden reacties hieronder aan De Surinaamse Krant).

Kumar werd in augustus 2012 op staande voet ontslagen door het hoofd van de Surinaamse ambassade in Nieuw Delhi. Dit ontslag was Kumar, die al meer dan 10 jaar (sinds maart 2002) op de ambassade werkzaam was, mondeling aangezegd door de chef de poste, zonder (schriftelijk) opgaaf van redenen. Kumar is het niet eens met zijn ontslag. Hij verklaarde tegenover Indiase media en in ingezonden reacties in De Surinaamse Krant (zie hieronder), dat hij mogelijk door Kanhai was ontslagen, omdat hij kennis droeg van een heleboel misstanden van de ambassadrice. Kanhai is volgens hem ook niet op de laatste rechtszitting verschenen.

De zaak zal deze maand verder worden behandeld bij de Indiase rechter. 'Ik hoop dat deze zaak zo snel mogelijk wordt afgerond, omdat het om een heel slechte vrouw gaat die meerdere slachtoffers heeft gemaakt. Ik zal deze zaak niet zo laten', aldus Kumar tegenover Indiase media.

Onderstaande reacties ontving De Surinaamse Krant op respectievelijk 8 januari 2017 en 28 augustus 2016:

8 januari 2017
Victimized By Ambassador Aashna Kanhai the Ambassador of the Republic of Suriname

I am Sarwan Kumar Ex Chauffeur at the Embassy of the Republic of Suriname New Delhi,
I given my 10 years to Embassy and worked with full dedication and honesty and in return what I got is all these blames. 
I was thrown out of the Embassy for no reason. 
I was ousted from service without any notice and told me very angrily not to attend office from 6th of August, 2012 and was also threatened of Diplomatic police action by the Ambassador Kanhai, if you will seen in, nearby periphery of the Embassy, 
In all these 10 years I never got any single warning letter from any of Diplomats; in fact all Embassy Diplomats appreciated my service, my dedication towards work and honesty.
I have all the recommendation letters from the previous Ambassadors and Diplomats of the Embassy.
Present Ambassador (Aashna .W.R.Kanhai) used to talk to me in an abusive manner only, she always talk negative about all other Diplomats and staff of the Embassy. Sometimes she was harsh to me as well.
Firstly she had fired me. I worked there almost 11 years, and then she fired the guard of the Embassy who was working for the Embassy from so long, and then she fired the gardener (Mr. Om prakash ) and then finally she fired ather Diplomat ( First Secretary Ms. Rosita Hubard) of the Embassy and her babysitter (Ms. Lacky Tamang) all these things happened in her tenure only.
There are many more things to share about her nobody can believe that, She even send wrong information to MEA, (Ministry of External Affair' s India) and Suriname Ministry about me,
Now, since l am fighting for justice from so long five years plus ,
Its about my family I have two children s in this point of time I can't give them education I live in rent house how I am suffering only me and my family knows, I was happily working with Suriname Embassy but why Ambassador kanhai doesn't want me to work with Suriname embassy, I don't know. She has to give me reason why she did this to me. When I get justice from Indian MEA when will punish the cruel Ambassador, which has impaired me and my family's life
Ex-chauffeur Suriname Embassy India Phone: 0091- 9910553701 0091-9560144365 E-mail:

28 augustus 2016
I would like to point out the following facts;

- For presenting credentials to the Indian Government she did need a shari in the colours of the Surinamese flag so I bring her to a shari shop where she told me, that the shopkeeper think that I'm her husband and why I don't tell him that I'm a driver. How for God sake she know or how I should know what the shopkeeper is thinking?

- Once I was taking headache medicine for what she make a big issue and make fun of me in front of all the Embassy staff that I'm taking Viagra and that's why my wife is happy with me.

- Ambassador Aashna Kanhai asked me to bring her to Haridwar (a place for worship out of Delhi) with the CD 1 car of the Embassy and forced me to take my wife also with her. Back in Delhi the next day she scold me saying that she will not pay me as it was not an official tour. That I asked payment for my work was the main reason I think she fired me. None of the former Ambassadors or diplomats has treated me like this.

- Mrs. Anjali has told me that Ambassador Aashna Kanhai treat them several times that if she will recalled from India for the case of Kumar she will fire all of the local staff from the Embassy. Mrs. Anjali went to her home for me to beg her for giving me my job back but without any result.

- A shopkeeper in Kirti Nagar New Delhi (furniture market) has thrown her visiting card in her face for misbehaving with the shopkeeper for making pictures of his exclusive collection of furniture’s. Although the shopkeeper has forbidden her not to make pictures but she was still going on doing the same.

- Ambassador Aashna Kanhai has told the local staff that she will make the President fire the Minister of External Affairs, Minister Lackin from his job as the President often calls Ambassador Aashna Kanhai when he is drunk.

- I also has been told by Mrs. Anjali that Ambassador Aashna Kanhai has get approval from Suriname to change her residence. She is doing this only to make more money because her recent residence is a very good one and is very nearby the Embassy.

I heard from local staff that Ambassador Aashna Kanhai told them that if I wouldn't went away from the Embassy she should tear her clothes and file a case of raping against me at the diplomatic police. Every time the local staff is instructed by the Ambassador to ask bribe like clothes, jewellery (for visa), to pay hotel stay and tickets when she travels (for her and her family and servants). Even when she travels to Suriname she let the delegations pay her expenses. Accompanied with Mr. Chopra a real estate dealer she is fooling everyone and stealing money from the Embassy for in lakhs (rent Embassy and her residence rent). I know everything of these two deals as I was also instructed by Ambassador Aashna Kanhai to deliver a package of cash 3 lahks to her residence.

A member of the delegation from Bangalore, India who visited Suriname not long ago called me up (took my number from Google) and said that Ambassador Aashna Kanhai demand him also for bribe. This man (I wish not to call him by name) called me up and wanted to know about my case as he is also victimized by her. 

With my deepest sympathy and hope,
Yours faithfully,

Mr. Sarwan Kumar
Ex-chauffeur, Embassy of the Republic
of Suriname

Address: 15 Polo Road Delhi Cantt. Phone: 0091- 9910553701
New Delhi - 110010, 0091-9560144365
India. E-mail:


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