woensdag 16 augustus 2017

Blauw gekleurde zwerfhonden in straten Indiase metropool Mumbai

Honden blauw geworden na zwemmen in vervuilde Kasadi-rivier

In de straten van de Indiase metropool Mumbai duiken de afgelopen dagen blauw gekleurde zwerfhonden op. De honden hebben hun opvallende kleur vermoedelijk gekregen tijdens het zwemmen in smerig afvalwater van de industrie, zo berichten diverse internationale en Indiase (zie onderaan) media vandaag, woensdag 16 augustus 2017.

De honden zouden na een duik in de Kasadi-rivier blauw uit het water zijn geklommen.

De autoriteiten waarschuwen burgers al jaren om het water uit de rivier niet te gebruiken. Dierenbeschermers hebben bij overheden aan de bel getrokken. Ze eisen dat er wordt opgetreden tegen de vervuilende producenten.

MPCB visits Taloja site, asks dye unit to plug leaks

 | Updated: Aug 16, 2017, 02:17 AM IST

NAVI MUMBAI: Maharashtra Pollution Control Board officials conducted a survey of the Taloja industrial area following a formal complaint from environmentalists alleging chemical pollution in the Kasadi river.

The chemicals reportedly turned some stray dogs blue in colour.

MPCB regional officer Anil Mohekar said, "For the last two days, our officials have been inspecting the Taloja site to check for pollution. We noticed there was a dyeunit on the outskirts of the industrial zone and there was a leakage which had caused the chemicals to get mixed with the water body. We have asked the dye manufacturer to plug the leakages at the unit."

Further investigation is also on as per the complaint received to see if any units are also affecting Kasadi river.

Activist Arati Chauhan of Navi Mumbai Animal Protection Cell said, "Besides MPCB officials, few of us also did our own survey of the Taloja industrial zone and it does appear to be polluting the environment. There is a strong stench of various chemicals and the colour of Kasadi river is dark and muddied."

Meanwhile, the Thane Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (TSPCA) has also been informed about the stray dogs turning blue at Taloja. TSPCA members have assured them they would also visit the region later this week to check the dogs.

(De Surinaamse Krant/The Times of India)


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